Guitar group

"I became more confident in the skills necessary for ensemble playing that can seem so elusive at first"

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Play in a classical guitar ensemble with regular meetings on Saturday afternoons for 4-8 players. New members are always welcome to join. 

We play a wide range of music including Renaissance & Baroque arrangements, Classical & Romantic pieces, Latin American and Spanish music, and 20th/21st century contemporary music.

A great way to improve sight-reading, ensemble skills and musicianship, with a smaller cost than individual one-to-one lessons. I help with aspects of technique, interpretation & style during sessions. There are also occasional opportunities to perform with the group, for those who want to. See the Platform for Musicians page.

There are two separate groups for different levels: the Guitar Ensemble is aimed at players from around grade 4 or 5 upwards. The Guitar Improvers Group is for players from about grade 2 level up to grade 4 or 5. These are relaxed and friendly groups, but we aim to play the music to a good standard.

Fees are £13 or less per hour-&-a-half session (the more players that attend, the less you pay). Free tea & biscuits included!

Get in touch:
Call: 07732 014153 or 01273 875545